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Since toroidal type transformer has high efficiency, low interference and small size (1U rack acceptable), so it is widely used in audio hi-fi & hi end, test instrument, medical equipment, security system, power supply and other industry.
The core of toroidal transformer is wound with silicon steel tape, then wind copper wire (core was wound inside of copper wire) to generate voltage and current. And the insulation is with Mylar tape to enhance the safety of product.
Furthermore, we accumulate plenty of experiences in design, have specialized manufacturing equipment and full set of test equipments. e.g.: insulation test, loading test, temperature rise and other test to keep high quality products to every customer.

  • Specification: 50VA~4kVA in power is acceptable (tailor-made)
  • Lead time for sample: 4~10 days
  • Lead time for mass production: 10~40 days (depend on the quantity)


  • Low leakage flux
  • Low hum/noise
  • Low exciting current
  • High efficiency
  • Outer fully insulated
  • Light weight, small size and easy to install


  • Lighting
  • Medical equipment
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Power supply
  • Industrial control, security system
  • Computer peripherals
  • Audio hi-fi & hi end (amplifier)
  • Test instrument